The Rendena Valley reaches from the small but nice village Verdesina up to 5249 ft to campo Carlo Magno 32 miles away. It is enclosed in the natural und unforgettable nature of the national park Brenta Adamello. In summertime the forest tracks which lead through a lovely nature are very impressive. Framed by the Presanella and the Adamello in the west and by the massiv Brentagroup in the east. Also impressive are the many side valleys, mysterious and rampant: The St.Valentino Valley, the Borzago Valley, the beautiful and impressive Genova Valley, the Nambrone Valley, the Val Brenta and Val d‘Agola.

In summer the Rendena Valley invites you to get to know the beautiful nature.
In this perfect surrounding, not disturbed by the human being, there are many rare plants and animals. Under the last discoveries there is the brown bear.

If you walk through the valley you find small villages, with only a handfull of houses which are built around the central Piazza.
Like at the beginning of the valley in Villa Rendena, Iavre, Dare, Vigo Rendena and even Pelugo.
It concentrates its own history on the church and the cementary which was dedicated to St.Antonio and are famous for their frescos of 15th century. After Pelugo we come to Spiazzo where St.Vigilio, who was a martyr and about who you can read a lot of old legends. The villages Strembo, Bocenago and Caderzone can be found on the left side and right side of the rushing stream 'Sarca', which runs through the whole Rendena Valley. These villages represent the perfect mountain character of this small and charming Dolomit Valley.

We go up the Rendena Valley. Up to Giustino, Massimeno and Pinzolo, the largest village and heart of the valley. Its signs of history are not to ignore at least beacause of the old and beautiful churches. Where there is to mention the church St.Vigilio which is also known because of its frescos of the 15th century of the Baschenis. Here the surrounding is almost city-like: Hotels, residences, holiday flars, stores, beautiques and areas for sporty activities like tennis, golf, mountainbike, swimming, paragliding and rafting but alos freeclimbing and trekking.

After that we come to Carisolo, where it transfers to the big Genova Valley and higher to St.Antonio di Mavignolo and Madonna di Campiglio.

When the winter brings up the snow, then the landscape changes. The Rendena Valley is now growing to a paradise for skiing, with its elevators up to the Dos del Sabion. There you can find every type of slopes, for adults and children, for rookies and professionals. For friends of cross-country skiing we have different tracks, which are partly lighted in the evening. Most of the facilities are also run with artificial snow if there won't be enough natural snow somehow.
In addition to that Pinzolo offer an ice stadium which is also open during the summer season. Because of that it is appropriated as trainingscamp for hockey teams. Of course it is worth it to visit the stadium if you are a fan of figure -or speed skating.

The Rendeny Valley ends schortly after Madonna di Campiglio, one of the most famous winter sport areas in range of the Apls. And in summertime it is a perfect starting point for walking through and around the mountains which frame the Rendena Valley.